DC-Con 4 Pictures    To Page 2
courtesy of Xaroc and others
DC-Con 4 in all of it's glory.
More LAN players.
One more shot of the con. 
Our fearless leader Vexus in the foreground 
attempts to best Red Baron in the background.
Red Baron's rail gun looking for exposed back 
Maniac tests one of his patented Quake 2 
double back skins much to his delight.
Bersicker kicking someone's ass.  Or possibly 
sending a quad rocket FedEx to his 
frequent teammate Lag 'O Leer.
Xaroc looking pleased that he managed to 
actually stay in the positive frag range at the 
end of a classic Quake game.
Lucidity chilling out between games.
Ooooo ... caffine.
EvilHomer -- friend of GNW -- preparing to 
Xaroc bathing in the healthy radioactive glow 
of his monitor.
Lag 'O Leer concentrating on bringing GNW 
victory and avoiding Bersicker's quad rockets. 
Link -- friend of GNW -- can't hack the late 
night pace and passes out at 6:00 am Sunday 
Some guy hanging out at DC-Con 4.
Red Baron attacks from his favorite angle.
Lag and Bersicker show CGib the meaning 
of obedience.  Bark like a dog!