DC-Con 4 Pictures   Back to Page 1
courtesy of Maniac
The gaming Maniac himself.
Some Guy and Spinn. 
Shot of fraggers at work.

Lag 'O Leer explains how he trashed his opponents to an amused 
EvilHomer and Bersicker.
Guts & Glory (foreground) and Citizen, both of clan CWO (ClockWork 
Orange). Very nice folks.. G&G is chief of CWO..
Siren - She was a major organizer of DC-Con4.. Very 
nice and helpful to all.. Deserves much credit for success of the meet.
Turmoil -A former GNW, now ]?[.. Also nice guy.. Thought he was 
Demerol at first :) Had good chat. 
Molotov -- One of the ]?[ clan. Very friendly and talkative.. Nice guy.
Xaroc, delighting in yet another frag.

Link, Bersicker, and Lag 'O Leer at play.

A very evil Homer, playing Quake 2.

(Right to left) Red Baron, Vexus, and Lucidity engrosed in their 
Quake 2 game.

Trying to get my camera to work, Lag wears the expression of 
"patience running out" as I take my fourth picture :)

Bersicker pauses in his killing frenzy to give a smile for the camera.